Volume Hiring

Enterprises in a global economy will need to scale up their workforce at accelerated rates – either for contingency reasons or due to a continuous requirement of capable employees. In such cases, the organization may fail to hire at required capacity or may inadvertently compromise on candidate quality. This is where Volume hiring is most suitable for recruitment which refers to accelerated hiring for large workforce numbers. We at Lycus Business Solutions Private Limited are experts in the execution of Volume Hiring which is a highly focused Recruitment process.

We utilize Process Re-engineering stressing on the evaluation and design of workflows which will yield optimal recruitment results. Customized Interview Guides are yet another tool that is used for radically cutting down hiring time. Here Interview tests are designed to test whether the candidate is a good fit for the job and work culture. It is simple and highly effective. These are also known as Custom Behavioral Interview Questions which minimizes turnover time, decreases training time and streamlines the hiring process. We ensure that the end result of recruitment will lead to the most suitable candidate being chosen for a given role, in the shortest time possible, and at the lowest cost to the organization.

Volume Hiring is Central to Business Success:

  • Custom Interview Tools for every organization aligned with high volume workforce needs
  • A repeatable, consistent and structured process that increases candidate quality
  • Customized Hiring for each domain - From Travel and Airlines to BFSI and IT/ITES
  • Seamless implementation of process and tools to execute unique recruitment strategies in accelerated timeframes
  • Cost-effective execution of hiring strategy without compromising candidate quality
  • Consistent levels of high productivity and quality through all phases of the hiring strategy
  • We consistently maintain a good rapport with candidates to help the process of hiring through candidate references.

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