What We Do?

Hiring Niche skills

The advent of new technologies in the global market such as AI and Data Analytics has led to a sea change in Business processes, products and services on the market. This means that organizations will have to keep pace with their hiring needs in line with the movement towards newer technologies. In such cases companies will have to classify skillsets clearly to hire the best workforce possible.

What is a Generic Skill?

Generic skills are also known as transferable skillsets. Generic skills are universally applicable to every industry domain and are finely ingrained in an individual, hence are long term in nature, making them harder to acquire when compared to domain specific skillsets.

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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)


Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a well-designed best practice used to manage candidates in talent acquisition.

This enables recruiters to maintain a closely monitored inventory of candidates ready for deliberation and deployment at short notice. Keeping potential candidates engaged on an ongoing basis, by maintaining a healthy and active rapport between the candidate and client.

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Volume Hiring

Enterprises in a global economy will need to scale up their workforce at accelerated rates – either for contingency reasons or due to a continuous requirement of capable employees. In such cases, the organization may fail to hire at required capacity or may inadvertently compromise on candidate quality. This is where Volume hiring is most suitable for recruitment which refers to accelerated hiring for large workforce numbers. We at Lycus Business Services Pvt Ltd are experts in the execution of Volume Hiring which is a highly focused Recruitment process.

We utilize Process Re-engineering stressing on the evaluation and design of workflows which will yield optimal recruitment results. Customized Interview Guides are yet another tool that is used for radically cutting down hiring time.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We at Lycus Business Services Pvt Ltd look beyond the needs of today’s volatile markets to provide you with a global workforce using cutting edge HR processes and execution. Our lightning fast recruitment solutions provide your enterprise with the competitive edge it needs to displace the competition and bolster productivity across the organization. Such solutions are delivered cost-effectively with zero downtime and will integrate seamlessly into your Business model/plan.

Our strength lies in customizing hiring solutions according to the size, scale and frequency that is required by an organization in today’s markets. We are adept in architecting and executing detailed hiring strategies which align perfectly with your organizational goals and market aspirations. We factor in ground realities at your enterprise and provide strategic assets for your organization to leverage at will.

Permanent Hiring

We provide permanent staffing solutions to our clients both in IT and Non IT domains. We cater to domains such as IT, Non IT, ITes, BPO and KPO. Our hiring solutions are highly equipped to hire Junior to Senior Mandates in Tech / Non Tech and Functional / Techno Functional .We also offer hiring solutions in hiring Niche and Super Niche Skills for Product and Service Organizations in India and Foreign Countries. which develop Proprietary and Enterprise Software Products. This will need a high level understanding of recruitment needs which Lycus Business Services Pvt Ltd possesses.

Another aspect of permanent hiring is the fast paced hiring required by service-based companies in India which take on outsourced projects from companies which need help with their product or service. Such recruitment will need hiring solutions to be agile and scalable, which is one of Lycus Business Services Pvt Ltd’s core strengths.

Turnkey Hiring Solutions

We also provide comprehensive hiring solutions which function out of detailed Service Level Agreements and other such services which are time bound and mission-critical to the success of the organization. We will take on the complete set of processes involved in and associated with the candidate interview process, on-boarding, and the initial recruitment needs analysis that needs to be done before all such processes.

Our Turnkey Solution addresses junior/middle management levels regardless of contingencyrequirements or consistent flow of manpower. Such a solution is best suited start-ups, new project staffing, team expansion both in size and geography such as sales and servicing teams. We offer turnkey hiring strategies which result in substantial savings in terms of time and capital when compared with other sourcing methods currently available in the market.

Contractual Hiring

We provide our client with an extensive and broad set of staffing solutions by offering temporary and contractual staffing on a customized basis. Here short-term manpower is needed to work on a contract basis. The company will gain from saving on employee benefits and a hassle-free process to release the employee post contract completion. This is a great way to scale up employee strength according to each project. The challenge here is to provide high quality hires which Lycus Business Services Pvt Ltd is equipped to meet.