Hiring Niche skills

The advent of new technologies in the global market such as AI and Data Analytics has led to a sea change in Business processes, products and services on the market. This means that organizations will have to keep pace with their hiring needs in line with the movement towards newer technologies. In such cases companies will have to classify skillsets clearly to hire the best workforce possible.

What is a Generic Skill?

Generic skills are also known as transferable skillsets. Generic skills are universally applicable to every industry domain and are finely ingrained in an individual, hence are long term in nature, making them harder to acquire when compared to domain specific skillsets.

Generic skills are central to success at any job as they encompass universal problem-solving abilities, multi-tasking and being pro-active. Since such skills are service aligned, they call for a good deal of social skills and the ability to process information at various levels. In fact several employability schemes under the Indian government currently include detailed training set up to gain Generic skills.

Some Generic skills outlined by the latest National Employment Standards include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Decision Making and Negotiation Skills
  • Basic mathematical ability and Reasoning skills
  • Working effectively with others and in a team
  • Self-learning and adaptability to situations
  • Emotional Intelligence at the workplace
  • Problem-Solving ability

Enterprises have realized the importance of enhanced productivity and cost management to compete in emerging market scenarios. Companies have turned to the implementation of positive group dynamics and teamwork in solving complex issues that crop up in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things. Decision-making, ownership of tasks and effective communication are traits that are highly sought out by organizations to ensure their workforce gives them the necessary competitive edge in today’s volatile market scenario.

Niche and Super Niche Skills

Niche and Super Niche skill is a specific skillset that pertains to a core function of an enterprise and is not easily applicable elsewhere in the organizational setting.  When candidates possess Niche skills, they have the potential to earn high salaries. But the unique skillset makes it challenging for an organization to find the right fit in terms of the candidate. We at Lycus Business Solutions Private Limited have a thorough understanding of the latest niche skillsets and provide hiring solutions for product and service based companies. This means we can minimize the time taken to locate and shortlist the right candidate for the organization and close the recruitment need at an accelerated rate. We stress on industry compliant employability skills that are current and up to date, which guarantees your organization will only be staffed with the most suitable candidates from the talent pool.

Attracting the Niche Talent

In certain scenarios, finding the ideal candidate for job openings may require more time and effort. This would be called hiring for Super Niche skills. Here we employ super niche recruiting which minimizes the pre-screening time by filtering candidates at the resume level itself. We ensure that the job description is as detailed as possible and is as intended by the organization. The qualifications, skill levels and experience required from candidates are listed in their entirety in print and online through various social media channels. By reaching out to candidates on social media we tend to attract superior talent as career aspirations and professional interests are easier to communicate and interpret on social media channels.

While we at Lycus Business Solutions Private Limited excel at recruitment for conventional job roles, we are equally adept at managing niche hiring by focusing on:

1. Clarity in Role positioning within the organizational structure
2. Conveying the above mentioned role to potential candidates as best as possible

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