Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)


Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a well-designed best practice used to manage candidates in talent acquisition.

  • This enables recruiters to maintain a closely monitored inventory of candidates ready for deliberation and deployment at short notice.
  • Keeping potential candidates engaged on an ongoing basis, by maintaining a healthy and active rapport between the candidate and client.
  • Ensuring the Job application process is stimulating and adequate
  • A smooth experience for the candidate through the CRM approach
  • Sustaining a healthy relationship with all candidates at every stage, including pre and post recruitment processes.
  • Enhanced process visibility accessible to all job applicants involved

Role of CRM

  • A human touch added to the process of recruitment
  • Potential to build a professional rapport
  • Evaluation of the candidate’s career goals
  • Assessing candidates to be genuine or if it is a grey candidate
  • Making candidates aware of Clients and their needs
  • Detailed brief of Job Description
  • Customized Career and Technology Counselling
  • Confidence Building in the Candidate
  • Instilling market awareness in the Client and Candidate
  • Strengthening Brand image of the Client

Processes involved in CRM

  • Arranging interactions for candidates shortlisted by the client
  • Keeping rejected candidates informed of their application and interaction status
  • Keeping all candidates apprised of their candidature regardless of stage and result of application.
  • Employing email and phone calls to intimate candidates of confirmation
  • Follow-up activities including but not limited to:
  • Pre interview – candidates are prepped with expectations of job role applied for
  • Reminders – candidates are reminded of crucial steps in application and interview process such as timings and pre-interview/interaction requirements such as documents.
  • Post Interview – obtaining detailed feedback on candidates on performance in the interview.
  • Conveying Feedback –expressing client feedback in terms that can be easily understood by the candidate
  • When Selected – carry out follow up communication till the candidate joins client enterprise.
  • When rejected – convey reasons for deselection and help candidates get back on their feet and apply again for the next opportunity. Provide guidance, and encouragement to spur the candidate into re-application when appropriate.
  • Post Joining – to comprehend candidate’s performance on the job and to see if it meets client needs as expressed.

Client Benefits

  • Instilling thorough confidence in the client’s selectionprocess
  • Enhancing Brand Equity
  • Increase inflow of reference candidates
  • Keeping Offer Drops to less than 10 - 20%
  • Bringing in the human element in hiring processes
  • Enhancing the potential candidate strength, especially during the weekends
  • Growing the Employer brand


Candidate Relationship Management is the way of the future when it comes to managing candidates and client comprehensively. This is a holistic solution that enables us to engage potential talent pools and leverage them to meet client staffing needs on short notice. We use CRM as a tool to maintain a continuing relationship with candidates increasing employee retention exponentially and decreasingoffer drops just as much.

By engaging deselected candidates and readying them for the next job role, we enhance our existing talent pool with potential hires for your next project engagement. To sum up, CRM powers a positive and streamlined experience for both the candidate and the client increasing process efficiency and results.

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